Hi, I’m Martina!

I’m the Owner of Tama Swim and I am so excited to be able to offer you an amazing, sustainable, high end swimwear option.

The journey to Tama wasn’t something that happened overnight. I moved to Australia from Italy 14 years ago, after having studied fashion in Florence and then going on to work for several Italian fashion designers as a pattern maker. When I arrived in Australia I decided to further my knowledge and skillset, so I studied Fashion Technology in Sydney, specialising in lingerie.


Lingerie design by Martina tama swim designer


I learnt the intricacies of the designing, pattern making, and creating of lingerie. I attended short courses and taught myself a lot, as the course I was attending didn’t provide enough information for me to quench my desire and thirst to know more about this particular area of fashion and design. Before finishing my studies, I was already doing research into materials to use for the swimwear business that I’d decided I’d begin once I’d graduated. But life, as it does, had other plans, and when I completed the course, I was 6 months pregnant.


Martina Tama Funder Pregnant


During my course I had sone some research into sustainable fabrics for swimwear. I have always been interested in creating a range that would make a difference, and make whoever wore it, feel good.  After all my research, I found that an Italian company was producing a fabulous fabric called VITA, using an innovative fibre which was made from regenerated nylon: ECONYL® fiber.


Econyl regenerated material


I was in the process of designing my range, when Allie, who originally brought Tama Swim to life, was looking to sell her label. We met, discussed our vision for the type of swimwear we wanted to bring to the world, and found that all of it aligned.

We both wanted to create swimwear that doesn’t revolve around fleeting trends, is high quality, made for real people, and which respects the people making it, and our beautiful environment.

Our vision was aligned, and our dedication and determination to Tama and its values, gave Allie the confidence she needed to know that I could take what she had started, and really bring it to life.

I became the owner of Tama Swim, and it was a seriously proud and exciting moment for me.




Now, I get the chance to do what I have spent so long working towards – creating quality, sustainable swimwear that makes you feel amazing and does some real good in the world.

I cannot wait for you to get to know our products and explore our offerings.

If you have anything you want to chat about, or any questions about our brand or our products, you can get in touch with me by sending an email to


I am so excited you’re here!


With love, 

Martina x

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