At Tama Swim, we are dedicated to creating a swimwear experience that makes you feel good. Really good.


We have created ethical, sustainable swimwear that looks incredible and feels amazing.

This is guilt free fashion. 

You can learn more about our vision, right here. 

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The making

Lovingly Designed in Sydney, Brought To Life In Bali

Tama Swim products are dreamed up and designed in Sydney, Australia.

We then entrust our designs to highly skilled crafters in Bali, Indonesia. These artisans bring our vision to life, in a safe and supportive environment that reflects the Tama Swim vision.

We want to keep things closer to home, as well. Offering locally produced products which help to reduce our carbon footprint is all part of our commitment to you, and our environment.

That’s why we are currently establishing a second manufacturing relationship, which will see your swimwear lovingly created in Shoalhaven, on the NSW South Coast.

Tama connects with our manufacturing team directly to ensure that your swimwear is being created in a way that supports the people who support us. Safe work conditions, fair compensation, sustainable processing practices, recognition of skills and quality craftmanship matter to us. We know they’re important to you, too.

This is fashion you can feel good about.

made For You

Salty and sun kissed, this is acelebration of moments making memories.

Tama Swim has curated a swimwear line for you that embodies what it means to live a meaningful life.

We have taken inspiration from the sunlight the glistens on the water, from the Earth we walk upon, from the mountains and boulders that surround us…and have turned that into a swimwear experience that empowers you to be the ultimate version of yourself.

The whole you, for your whole life.

Our swimwear is made using sustainable materials and produced in an ethical way. We know that way we show up in the world matters.

That’s why we are dedicated to showing up as our best selves, every day. For you, and for the planet. 

We create consciously, and we are constantly striving to do better.

We want every body, every day, to live a life that feels amazing.

Tama Swim celebrates who you are, and the mark you’re leaving on the world.


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