When creating the brand we wanted to do so in a considered and conscious way, incorporating sustainable practices, ethical manufacturing and small runs while focusing on classic quality pieces that transcend seasons and are made to last. 

We always explore new practices and commit to being transparent about the footprint that TAMA has on the environment and in society, aiming to do better and being the promoter of change for the best.

ethically designed and made

Lovingly Designed in Sydney, Brought To Life In Bali

At Tama Swim, we know our products. Like, we really know them.

So we know what we’re talking about when we tell you that they’re kind of amazing.

Each piece has been curated with a clear vision; to represent the beauty of where we live, and the beauty of who you are.

We know that we live in a world where there is still great inequality.

We recognize that the fashion industry has the power to generate real and meaningful change to the lives of people across the globe, and for the Earth we inhabit.

Tama Swim products are dreamed up and designed in Sydney, Australia.

We then entrust our designs to highly skilled crafters in Bali, Indonesia. These artisans bring our vision to life, in a safe and supportive environment that reflects the Tama Swim vision.

keeping it local

Australian Made Salty Swimwear

We want to keep things closer to home, as well. Offering locally produced products which help to reduce our carbon footprint is all part of our commitment to you, and our environment.

That’s why we are currently establishing a second manufacturing relationship, which will see your swimwear lovingly created in Shoalhaven, on the NSW South Coast.

Tama connects with our manufacturing team directly to ensure that your swimwear is being created in a way that supports the people who support us. Safe work conditions, fair compensation, sustainable processing practices, recognition of skills and quality craftmanship matter to us. We know they’re important to you, too.

This is fashion you can feel good about.

OUR materials

Not All Swimwear Is Created Equal

Swimwear made from trash?! WHAT?

Want to know the secret to gorgeous swimwear, that’s also doing something beautiful for the planet?

We can sum it up in two tiny words, that packs a whole lot of punch.

ECONYL® fiber

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a unique fibre which is generating real change. This innovative yarn is created from nylon waste, from things that would otherwise head to landfill or be polluting our oceans and waterways. Items like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic are rescued from all over the world, and these are then masterfully crafted into ECONYL® yarn, becoming a product of infinite possibilities.

Learn more about ECONYL® regenerated nylon

high-quality fabrics

New swimwear that doesn’t need newresources? Yes please!

Econyl allows us to re-use, re-create and re-imagine brand new products, again and again.

Tama Swim designs are created from 78% Econyl yarn. The other 22% is made up of Elastane, to give our swimsuits the stretch and adaptability that ensures we create a perfect fit, every time.

The fabric we use is made in Italy, near Milan, and reflects the standards you’d expect to see from the fashion capital of the world. You deserve the highest possible quality, and the fabric we craft your swimwear with, is exactly that.

Intentional quality, designed with
you in mind.

We don’t stop there!

Tama Swim’s entire range has UV protection built into the fabric, as well as being chlorine resistant.



You know your skin is the largest organ in the human body, right?

What you put on your skin, reallydoes matter.

There’s not much that gets closer to
you than your swimwear.

That is why it is so important to us
that our fabrics have been created to the highest possible safety standards.

Tama Swim products have been rated OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

What does that mean?

By holding the STANDARD 100 label, you are assured that every single part of the piece, from the thread to closures, has been tested for harmful substances. A Standard 100 rating means that these items are confirmed as being safe for human health.

Seriously, your wellbeing matters to us.

Our commitment to you

We know we’ve still got work to do

Right now, Tama Swim is not a 100% sustainable brand. We acknowledge the areas where we still need to make changes.

We can promise you though, that we are committed to becoming a brand you can be proud to wear.

Our vision is that by the year 2026, Tama Swim will be 100% sustainable.

We are passionate about people and the planet and we are dedicated to ensuring that we leave this Earth
even better than we found it.

We will continue to strive for social equality, reduce our carbon footprint and embrace technologies that allow us to deliver you an amazing swimwear experience, with new and innovative products and designs.  

Tama Swim has always and will always, be passionate about creating fashion you can feel good about.

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